Chumpa Chump


A few days ago I saw this ad.

Some young delinquents run around brandalising the city by pasting stickers that say ‘hump’. Then they run into a Thirsty Camel bottle shop. Fair enough. So I figured that Thirsty Camel wouldn’t mind if I went and put some paste-ups on their stores.

Chump 02

Chump 03

Chump 04

In about 3 hrs, I pasted on 6 stores including the Railway Hotel on Chapel st, which is open 24 hrs. I had to use some street art ninja skills to avoid the security guard and staff there. After I postered it, I went back to photograph it. The security guard saw me this time and came over. We talked. Over his shoulder I could see the still wet posters dripping glue down the wall. He didn't. Photo below.


Chump 08

When I finished all the postering I was really thirsty. I finally understood the ad- illegal wheat pasting is hard work and it makes you thirsty. I could have definitely gone for a beer when I finished but all the Thirsty Camel stores nearby were sticky.

Chump 05

Chump 06

Chump 01