Gift Wrapped


For the Northern Exposure Festival in Northcote in 2011, I gift wrapped every day objects on the street. It was fun to make but honestly I didn't give it much consideration and I really don't think much of it as an artwork.

I made art that would appeal to a selection panel, not art that I believed in. I think this is the worst of what I've done. I like to reflect on it, as a perpetual embarrassing reminder to be vigilant against compromises.


Here is my summary from the entry application.

"As a child, wrapping paper represented the thin paper wall of anticipation standing between me and an exciting new toy. As an adult wrapping paper represents the nadir of a consumerist culture; an item with no intrinsic value, that is only appreciated in passing for its aesthetic before being ripped apart and discarded. By gift wrapping everyday objects on the street I hope to engage people in their environment in a new way."









Special thanks to my non-paid, immigrant, assistant gift wrapper.